Ajax Refrigeration has a little fun with it’s “Penguin Mobile”

We’re so happy for the success of Ajax Refrigerations’s new logo and vehicle wraps! We love working with the folks at Ajax.
Check out this article on NOOZHAWK. http://www.noozhawk.com/article/ajax_refrigeration_rings_in_65_years_in_santa_barbara_20140422

We’re so happy for the success of Ajax Refrigerations’s new logo and vehicle wraps!  We love working with the folks at Ajax.  Check out this article on NOOZHAWK.  http://www.noozhawk.com/article/ajax_refrigeration_rings_in_65_years_in_santa_barbara_20140422.  Making refrigeration fun was a tough talk, but somehow a smiling, green-scarf wearing penguin balancing ice cubes on his flipper has done the trick.  That’s the new logo seen zipping around town on the maintenance van of AJAX Santa Barbara Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, a locally owned and operated business since 1949.  The “penguin mobile” was unveiled last year to revamp the brand of the company that in 2014 marks its 65th anniversary.  “Kids love it,” said AJAX owner Christopher Montigny, who took over the business from his father, Bernard in 2008.  And adults remember it.  All the more reason for AJAX to thank Sidekick Creative for that new design and loyal clientele for keeping the company in business when many others have folded or left town.  More than 3,000 clients in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties – mainly restaurants, hotels and other businesses – rely on AJAX for their commercial refrigeration repair, installation, maintenance and air conditioning needs.

Freeman Stevens Photography

Wanting a site that shows off his amazing photography, we collaborated with Freeman in creating a site that does just that. It features a cool navigation menu that moves and disappears to show the photos without interruption. The identity is pure Freeman Stevens. This guy makes amazing curry on the BBQ.

Active Life Scientific

In the world of Life Scientists, these guys are the innovators. Cutting edge technology sets Active Life Scientific apart in their industry. They needed cutting edge design mixed with a friendly approachable graphic sense in their materials. Corporate logo and Product image had to be complementary yet work alone as well with reverence to the other. Website, fresh and scientific….!

Under Construction

This is just a test. Sorry you have to see this! Please ignore this post and the lack of CSS style! We are working on this right now! Check back later, thanks!

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