Underground Culture

It’s all about U… Underground Culture’s creator is not only committed to making your hair look amazing, but also contributes part of their profits to youth music, art and culture programs. Having an edgy, underground, yet friendly and approachable look & feel to their products was optimum for their success. It was important to be able to color code the products that go together as well. The new and improved packaging has been very well received by regular users and new alike. Our own photographer Spencer Weiner did the photo shoot for their materials. All together a blast to work with Fay, creator of Underground Culture!


Georgia’s Smokehouse

…i don’t really know where to start about Georgia’s Smokehouse.  Is it the hush puppies, or the incredible Southern homestyle flavors, or is it the charming owners, Chef Brian Parks and Alissa Parks that makes Georgia’s so amazing?  The answer is all of the above!  They came to us looking for a girl next door with a little sass
icon to go with eye catching logo graphics.  Rat rod, tattoo, vintage delivery truck, Southern BBQ were our inspirations in creating this Southern goodness.

georgias_2nd_truck goergias_1st_truck



Taj Weekes

Taj came to us with an offer to do his newest CD, then things just went from there…branding the entire tour and supporting materials as well as singles. Easy to design with such good music to work with, warmth and island colors balanced with cool illustrative graphics was the inspiration. We so enjoy working with Taj. An amazing poet, Taj’s lyrics and music are edgy and relative to current events, set in gorgeous melodies of fresh reggae. Good stuff! Highly recommended…





Creative. Wonderful. Pushing the envelope. ROARK made it easy to communicate their message through design. They really did their homework and showed up in every way. In turn they now have a strong identity that pushes their image forward in to the very competitive fashion industry. Check out what they’ve got goin on…




Loop & Leaf

Bent on crushing the stereotypical image of the “yarn store” Loop & Leaf asked us to bring the feeling of the sunny historic building they occupy as part of their image. Our work was easy… the owner is sweet and energetic, she was not afraid to be different and take a risk, which makes all we do for Loop & Leaf succeed in standing out of the crowd.



Kras Design Studio

Architect Karl Kras’s thing is sustainable architecture. In our first meeting he told us he loves organic shapes vs. structure, weaving & gathering, fluidity vs. assemblage, permanence vs. nomadic space, tension. A dream job for us all… to interpret these into an identity perfect for an up and coming architect. We’re really enjoying our journey about, and along with, Karl Kras.




Jatta Records brings you fresh organic indie music crafted by artists who take their time to bring the artform forward. Quality, not quantity is the maxim. Real instruments played by real musicians. Jatta was looking for a strong logo mark to transcend the boundaries of category, genre and geography.  We took it a step further and included subtle imagery from the Hindu deity, Shiva.  The result is super-graphic and compelling.  This one came together effortlessly…!

Evan Gray

Evan’s website is a unique and fun to explore. This flash portfolio showcases his awesome photography in a clean and minimal gallery. Whether you like to navigate the small thumbnails or simply use the arrow keys, it’s easy to get lost in his amazing visuals.



With their focus on personal service and catering to an individual’s special needs, Brashears Insurance needed a high end sophisticated look and feel. Using neutral tones of warm grey mixed with crisp white and accented with the classic gold logo, the color palette really drives the concept home. Light, yet conservative and fresh. A new approach to insurance…and the image of insurance companies.



7 Day Nursery

A very different kind of nursery featuring only quality plants and materials. 7 Day Nursery needed to look as high end as their inventory, yet friendly and approachable. Owner Steve Grant has had the insight to let us run with his identity on all materials. The result has been a record year for 7 Day… Congrats.

7day_cs1 7day_cs2 7day_cs3

Ajax Refrigeration

Ajax Santa Barbara Refrigeration has been a trusted local business here in Santa Barbara since 1949.
They were in need of an update of their logo and mascot, The Penguin.  We approached it by making the trusted Penguin the focus with a vintage iconic look,
creating a personality and style all his own…!

ajaxcs1 ajaxcs2 ajaxcs3