studioSIDEKICK CREATIVE opened it’s doors in 2004. What we do here is create. Our work consists of identities, logos, business materials, websites and e-commerce websites. Our expertise is visual
communication of brands: Creating new identities & logos and
rebranding existing companies who need updating or a
complete overhaul. Consistent visual communication of a brand
is our obsession.

Our team is solid and dedicated. We are driven, professional, and passionate about design. We strive for successful lasting
relationships with our clients as our ultimate goal. We are a full
service art department. Sidekick Creative studio is constantly
taking on creative endeavors of all kinds, as there is no limit to
good design.

I learned everything the old school way. Before digital design. When it was still called
Commercial Art. Because of that i excel in the basics of good design. My strengths are in
creating solid concepts, holding the consistency of each brand, and creating strong relationships
with clients. Taking ideas to their simplest most meaningful form is an obsession of mine.
This assures clear visual communication. In order to do good work i feel there has to be connection.
Striving to connect with each client is what i strive for. I have been known to be a perfectionist
which i think is important. Every day i find opportunities to learn new things in design, business and life.

I strive to bring imagination and dedication to new projects. I initially started out in the
art world as a fine artist but immediately found passion in the digital arts. It’s fascinating
to analyze the understanding behind a client’s brand and create the visual aesthetics. I love
to collaborate and fit together the puzzlepieces. For the past 10 years through design I’m able
to provide interactive media, mobile apps, promotional web and print marketing collateral and
customized packaging. Design is ever evolving and I continue to learn and apply the knowledge.

Spencer Weiner was born in Princeton, N.J. and quickly moved with his family to California at the
tender age of 6 months. He was raised on bucolic Treasure Island, in the San Francisco bay.
He is an award-winning photographer based in Santa Barbara, specializes in poetic,
wonderfully quirky photography. His images have been featured in magazines and
newspapers all over the world. In 2004 Spencer was a member of the Los Angeles Times Pulitzer
for Breaking News Reporting of the Southern California Wildfires. Recent projects include helping
create a new Transformational Music & Arts festival, Lucidity Festival, Illustrating a Cookbook
and Circumnavigating the World.

Head of security and stress relief.
Violet served in the studio not only as my best friend, but friends to all who knew her.
Rest in peace our little pup…